Tips for Making Your Best Bet in Roulette


Since it dates back hundreds of years, roulette is one of the oldest casino games ever. However, a lot of players are still intimidated by the thought of placing their first roulette bet in a casino. These tips might help you both online and during your next visit to make your best bet so far in roulette.

While the game of roulette is largely based on luck, there are tons of ways to bet that will make the most of your wins. As well as keep your losses at a minimum. These are all thanks to the varying odds of the many bets that make up the game. In fact, you may have more options for betting in roulette than any other game. Something that players love but can also be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with roulette.

To help you make your best roulette bet yet, we’ve put together the following list of expert tips.

What is the Best Bet in Roulette?


The best bet in roulette isn’t such an easy question to answer, since the game is luck based. Moreover, attempts made at analyzing the stats to determine the single number bets that show up most often are also inconclusive. However, in terms of house edge, and odds of winning, your best roulette bet will likely be an even-money bet. For instance, betting on a colour or a group of numbers such as odd or even numbers.

Learn the Basic Rules

You shouldn’t be playing any casino game until you’ve learned the rules. Luckily, with roulette this is the easiest part. All you need to do is place a wager on the table of where you think the little white ball in the wheel will land. Once you’ve done that the croupier spins the roulette wheel and if it lands on something that falls within what you’ve bet on, you win.

The main categories of roulette bet are inside bets and outside bets. And they go as follows:

  • Outside bets – This entails placing a very low-risk bet, such as betting on either black or red, high or low, or odd or even numbers. For instance, the majority of the time you may want to focus on outside bets to play it safe. As you’ll win roughly 50% of the time and are more likely to break or leave with a profit over a long period of playing.
  • Inside bets – In terms of winning big, your best bet will be an inside bet. This entails placing a single number bet or betting on fewer numbers as with outside bets. However, since you’re less likely to win an inside bet, the payouts are much better. Therefore, you want to keep these minimal but still make them once in a while to try your luck.

Try Practicing the Game for Free First

There’s no reason to jump into a game of real money roulette or any other casino game without a little practice first. So, your best bet would be to take advantage of the many free roulette simulators or even low stakes tables at Merrybetcode before you start putting money on the table. This way you can fully take in the rules and see how different variations of the game work completely risk-free. Or, for very little so you can save your bankroll for when you have some experience.

Look for Favorable Rules

There are some slight variations to the different versions of roulette that you’ll find online. Of course, you should try to find the ones with rules that help you recoup some or all of your losses when you’re not getting luck. For example, both the “partager” and “en prison” rules allow you a second chance or to get back half of your wager when the ball lands on zero.

Same goes for the roulette wheel, where some have an extra double zero that raises the house edge.

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